C' mon Man Sheeeittt Package


  • Access to SUPER informative Facebook Group 
  • Easy to follow contracts
  • Invaluable wholesaler resources

PRICE: $150.00

no refund, no exchange 


  • Forms, Templates, and Contracts with videos on how to use them.
  • Purchase Sell Contract, Assignment Contract, Double Closing Contracts
  • How to negotiate with Seller
  • How to negotiate with Buyers
  • Inbound & Outbound LIVE Seller & Buyer calls
  • How to talk to realtors and cash buyers
  • How to turn NO deals into DEALS!
  • How to get MORE MONEY for your assignment fees!
  • How to find CASH BUYERS
  • How to analysis the Market
  • How to generate Leads 
  • Access to my private secret Facebook Group
  • Sample of craigslist ads to attract cash buyer and motivated seller
  • Layout of My CRM

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