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“Wholesale to Millions has everything you need to get started on your first deal! Once you follow Khang's Amazing seller script and his included instructional videos with contracts you will be a successful Wholesaler in no time!”

Mike Fitzgerald

CEO/Gideon Properties LLC


You are out here changing lives!!

“Finally, the first one is done.  This was supposed to be double, but I ended up needing help and JV with someone.  This alone however, more than pays for the investment I made in Khang's script and Loan's Blueprint.  Khang you won't remember, but you actually made two videos for me directly, helping me with this very deal. I can't thank you enough man, you are out here changing lives, keeping the promise you made to God when you first started out.”

Christian Zayas

First Time Wholesaler 


This is gold!

“I just purchased your sellers script which I was having doubts on at first because I didn't want to spend the money, but I haven't even finished going through it and I already see how valuable this is and how this is gold.  You keep it straight to the point and simple, makes it easy to understand.  Much appreciated, I will definitely master these scripts!”


Wholesale To Million Purchaser


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